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Boarding the Ark


Alice wants to board the Ark of a well-known Ark service provider (ASP). It requires an on-chain transaction.

Depending on the type of Boarding transaction chosen by the ASP, the timeline is different.

🧳 Boarding

  • Alice must be online at least once every 4 weeks to keep her funds safe
  • If ASP is unresponsive, Alice can claim her funds back in 24 hours
  • Easier for the ASP since all VTXOs are born equal
  • To unlock the boarding address Alice needs to make two transactions:

Timeline of events

  1. Alice creates a Boarding transaction
  2. Alice adds any inputs she wants to cover the values the VTXO she will receive, plus on-chain fees
  3. Alice adds an output with 2 spending paths:
    • This funds will belong to the ASP after 4 weeks:
      • (ASP after 4w)
    • A covenant output that forces coins to be spent to create a VTXO output script with 2 spending paths:
      • (Alice + ASP)
      • (Alice after 24h)
  4. Alice notifies ASP about the Boarding transaction
  5. Alice has now a promise of a VTXO enforced by a covenant.